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How to Get Rid of Drain Flies

Posted by admin on February 28, 2011 in Drain Fly Control with 1 Comment

Drain flies are exceedingly tiny pests that like to live in areas prone to stagnant water. As their name implies, drain flies will often be found both living and breeding in various drains and drainage systems. Since they are so tiny they can be hard to notice until they are swarming around your bathroom, kitchen or basement. While they are rather annoying, its important to know how to get rid of drain flies because they will sometimes carry some nasty diseases. They aren’t technically parasites but they live and breed in filth and sewage so they will often be covered in disease.

It is quite possible to have a drain fly problem before you even realize it so part of knowing how to get rid of drain flies is keeping them from finding a home. The most common place to find drain flies is, obviously, in drains. Anyone who knows how to get rid of drain flies will tell you that they are attracted to stagnant water but will also live and breed in the scum found in drainage pipes as well. Knowing how to get rid of drain flies starts with keeping all your drains clean. Since they are so small, they can be hard to see but if you remove the drain cover and shine a flashlight down the pipes you should be able to see some movement.

As we have said, part of knowing how to get rid of drain flies involves cleaning out all drains and drainage pipes. You can do this by pouring bleach, drain cleaner or boiling water to kill anything that might be living in there. This is a somewhat effective solution to the problem of how to get rid of drain flies but isn’t always completely effective. Some people will think that only an exterminator can know how to get rid of drain flies but you can do just as a good a job with your own pest control products. Websites such as Pestmall.com offer all the professional pest control products you will ever need.

Drain flies are fairly common and, while they are a nuisance, they will also sometimes carry diseases. Because of this, knowing how to get rid of drain flies is an important part of safe guarding your home and family from danger. It’s important to check all your drains and pipes and make sure to clean them on a regular basis. If you find that you do have drain flies then you can get rid of them yourself with some professional pest control products.

Drain Fly Control: Getting Rid Of The Pests That Infest Your Drains

Posted by admin on January 24, 2011 in Drain Fly Control with 1 Comment

By definition, drain flies, also known as moth flies, are those dark-colored little pests that you usually see gallivanting where drains are located. Although a single fly on its own can be pretty harmless, when the same flies come together in a sizeable population, they can prove to be a terrible nuisance. Drain flies are undeniably the most numerous out and about near drains but they are also quite common in the vicinity of garbage, compost bins and septic tanks among other such venues. Perhaps drain fly control is the most easy pest control treatment around though you need to know what you are up to.

Drain fly control for real people

Before you even attempt to undertake the process of how to get rid of drain flies, you absolutely need to identify the source of any breeding because very technically, drain fly extermination is not possible unless you do. Perhaps the easiest way to achieve the above is the use of sticky tapes down drains to see where the flies are actually located. Once you have the source of breeding established, the rest is just a piece of cake.

1. As you most probably already know, pest control starts with actually keeping your space clean. It follows that drain fly control is best started with actually cleaning the drains around your home. Drain flies thrive in slimy and dirty drains so if you keep your drains relatively clean, it should help your drain fly control endeavor.

2. It is generally acknowledged that if you find drain flies in your bathroom, the best thing you can do is re-grout your tiles. Grouting the tiles will essentially help you remove moisture from them, something that works great for drain fly control.

3. As for chemical drain fly control, it is highly recommended for you to make use of what is known as a drain gel if ever you find yourself faced with a fly problem. This is because a drain gel is an exceptionally practical solution for cleaning pipes for the simple reason that it might not always be possible to reach each and every corner of your drain using a brush and a detergent. Caustic drain cleaners are also used by many people so you can consider the above as an alternative.

4. Pouring hot water down the drains around your home can also be an option. This basically helps to wash away and effectively kill any eggs the drain flies high have laid. Alternatively, you can also use a spray chemical for drain fly control, it is believed to be quite effective for reaching all parts of pipes and drains.

Drain fly control: Prevention of Drain Flies

Drain fly control is not just about eliminating the pests once they have invaded your space. It also addresses prevention. Prevention is an absolutely important drain fly control consideration for the simple reason that prevention is always better than cure. Disposing of your garbage correctly and getting rid of your leftover food as you should largely help drain fly control. It is also highly recommended that you clean under your washers and inside of your air conditioners every so often.

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